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WAIT! Don't just close me! You probably have a minute or two before you spawn anyway, so take this time to become familiar with the rules. It will only take a moment.

Last Updated 5/12/2017

Hotkeys and Commands

  • I - Inventory Menu
  • Q - Drop Weapon
  • C - Traitor/Detecitve Shop
  • F1 - Tutorial & Settings
  • F2 - Mute Players as Dead
  • F3 - This Menu
  • F8 - Damagelogs
  • !motd - This Menu
  • !donate - Donation Site
  • !trade [name] - Sends a Trade Request
  • !menu - Command Menu

Community Links

  • Website: Moat.GG
  • Forums: Moat.GG/forums
  • Store: Moat.GG/store
  • Discord: Discord.GG/moatgaming

Server Rules

  • RDM and Killing off Suspicion
  • Do not kill off of suspicion or for a random reason outside of the current round/game.
  • Ghosting
  • Giving a living player information regarding the current round while dead is a no-no.
  • Hateful Conduct
  • We're not allowing any hateful conduct at the moment. Which means putting other people down isn't allowed. (also the n word, fag word, etc) <3
  • OGT - Out of Game Trading
  • Trading in game items/currency for out of game materials is not allowed and can lead to an inventory wipe/ban for both parties. You are allowed to trade someone for VIP however.
  • Scamming
  • Scamming in any form is not tolerated. This includes but is not limited to, keeping an item from a temp-trade, giving an incorrect price for an item, or tricking a user while trading.
  • Exploiting
  • Please do not not exploit. Whereas you know of a glitch or non-intented bug that you abuse for personal gain.
  • Bad Usernames
  • If a staff member asks you to change your name, change it. Period.
  • Spamming
  • Whether it be spamming text chat, voice chat, trade requests, doors, or sounds, nobody enjoys any of it. If asked to stop, please stop or you will be punished.
  • Traitor/Karma Baiting
  • Very simple rule: Don't act like a traitor if you're innocent in order for someone else to lose karma.

Server Clarifications

These are only here to answer any questions and feed the people obssessed with the rules. Staff are quite leniant when it comes to anything below.

  • Wrongful Killing or KOS'ing (What's NOT Allowed)
    • RDM'ing someone because they killed you the previous round.
    • KOS'ing off of a player's model.
    • KOS'ing off of a player's weapon.
    • KOS'ing off of a player's location.
    • KOS'ing someone for shooting at a wall/testing their weapon.
    • KOS'ing someone for standing in a doorway (Read 15 second rule).
    • KOS'ing someone for following you (Read 15 second rule).
    • KOS'ing someone before asking them to ID a body.
    • KOS'ing someone because they won't test.

  • Rightful Killing (What's Allowed)
    • They shot [at] you or someone else.
    • They murdered an innocent. (Please ask to ID body)
    • Someone else KOS'd them.
    • They have a traitor weapon out.
    • They're the ONLY person in a tight space that could have killed an innocent or shot in the space.
    • They're destroying innocent or detective equipment.
    • You have DNA on the player and are 100% it's them in a group of people.

  • Killing AFK's
  • You are allowed to kill an AFK as an innocent during overtime, HOWEVER, people may still rightfully KOS you if the AFK is innocent.
  • 15 Second Rule
  • You are allowed to kill someone for door blocking or following you ONLY after you have given them a warning in chat, with their name in the warning, THREE TIMES, with 5 seconds between each warning. If they continue after the third warning, you may kill/KOS them.
  • Claiming
  • Claiming is allowed only during overtime. You may only claim reasonable rooms and must announce that you claim via chat, with the location/description of the room. You may kill someone entering your room once you have given them a warning to leave.
  • Delaying
  • If you're a traitor and are taking longer than you need to finish the round, you'll be warned or slayed then and there.
  • Exploiting Maps
  • Exploiting maps is a slayable offense. If you see any invisible textures of the map, you are considered exploiting.
  • Traitor Weapons
  • If you obtain a traitor weapon as an innocent, don't blame anyone if they kill you. You can announce that you have it in hopes of not being killed, but don't report someone for thing you're a traitor.

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